“How can you spend so much time on Social Media?” “Have you nothing better to do with your time?” If I was a little thinner skinned I would beating myself to death in shame.

Instead here are a few catty questions for those who don’t share my passion. Please don't scratch my eyes out.

A cat

  •     How can you spend hours hitting a little white ball into a slightly bigger hole?
  •     How many hours do you spend staring aimlessly at the TV?
  •     How much time is spent actually discussing books in your book club or are you just quaffing the wine and ripping apart the characters of your “friends” who didn’t make the meeting? (Sies, that is a bit vicious isn't it?)
  •     What are you going to do with all those mosaic trays, bits of pottery, scrapbooks, quilts etc that you spend hours making?
  •     For the exercise nutters, how much socialising are you doing when you run or cycle for hundreds of kilometres inflicting horrible damage on your poor bones and muscles?

Over the years I have tried my hand at many different sports and hobbies but I lack co-ordination and fine motor skills.

This White Girl can’t run, jump or make pretty things.

I find it difficult to stay committed to a club of any sort. I get bored and restless which is not fair on other members so I try not to inflict myself on them.

For years I was involved in the church, making teas, meals, doing good deeds and belonging to groups. For personal reasons this no longer serves my needs and I prefer a wider and more diverse community. My charity work is private and I like it that way.

Most of my life I have been restless. I have traveled widely and my feet are no longer as itchy.

Three years ago we gave up TV primarily because we couldn’t afford the ever increasing DSTV subscriptions. We also found that working from home we would spend too much time flicking through the channels looking for something to watch and ended up watching Sky News regurgitate the same topics every 10 minutes or so.

    As our business is increasingly internet dependent, we have invested the money in faster and greater broadband capability. So instead of staring at a TV I am now able to:

  •     Access more than 5000 radio stations worldwide. I can listen to an endless variety of news, comedy, drama, debates and music when I want it. As I am listening not watching, I can cook, bake, knit, sew, wash dishes at the same time (if I really wanted to be so industrious of course).
  •     Connect with family and friends throughout the world via Facebook and Twitter.
  •     Build business relationships and promote our businesses to a worldwide audience.
  •     Meet the most amazing and inspirational people who have changed my way of looking at life.
  •     Find inspiration for my passions of writing and web development.
  •     Watch inspirational,humorous and sporting video clips when I want to.

Best of all, I can do all of these things at 3am without spending time and money on travel.

Yes, I am unashamedly a Social Media devotee and I hope not too many of you "unfriend me". I do love you all.

I promise not to judge you if you don’t judge me.