Power of PartnershipThe Wealthy Ever After Online Course has been created by Gary Kayle of the Money School and is being run in conjunction with Moneyweb. Gary Kayle is a Money Coach who has been helping couples learn to manage their money better, get out of debt and create long term wealth for many years.

The course runs for 5 weeks and includes videos, worksheets and other downloads to help you change the way you do your finances. It also has an active Q and A Forum where you can ask questions and share your difficulties about your finances. Gary responds to all questions himself. Ideally the course should be done together as a couple and you will see why as the course progresses.

Once you have signed up for the course you have access to it and the Q and A forums for life which is great. Our situations change constantly and therefore our financial status is also fluid and needs to be adjusted through various phases of our lives.

This week I did module 1 which is all about the power of partnership. Our behaviour regarding money management is influenced by our upbringing. We seldom do a personal money management course. Instead we muddle along often making the same mistakes our parents made. When we enter into a marriage or long term relationship there are now 2 people who often have different money habits. The result is that we either fight about money or we avoid conflict at all costs and pretend that the problems don’t exist.

This is why 94% of us are not able to retire in any form comfort or security. We spend up to 76% of our income paying off ever increasing debt. It is therefore not surprising that 55% of divorces are a result of financial problems.

Module 1 is all about becoming vulnerable with one another which most of us find incredibly difficult to do. We don’t like to fail or be seen as useless so we fight relentlessly or give up and give in.

As Dave and I are self employed there are added challenges as there are no regular salaries to depend on. It is also second time around for both of us and divorce seldom leaves you financially better off than before.

Being 60+ means we have to look very seriously at our future and although neither of us see ourselves ever retiring, ill health and other pitfalls of ageing are a reality we need to focus on.

This module has certainly given me plenty of food for thought as money has always been a very emotional issue for me.

I would strongly urge everyone to take a look at what this course offers and especially young couples who are contemplating marriage or living together.

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The initial videos for this course are free. Later modules will be charged for and should you sign up to do these and have accessed the course via the links I have provided, I will earn a commission.

However, the blog posts that I write will not be influenced by my commission earning possibilities. I will write about the course honestly as this is something close to my heart. There are so many of us who struggle with money issues.