I have a restless soul and have moved home more times than I care to count and travelled hundreds of thousands of kilometres.

As a child, Sunday afternoon drives in our ancient Plymouth which accommodated our family of 8 were obligatory as were terrifying trips with my Grandfather to Zulu battlefields in Kwa Zulu Natal. Terrifying because we were squashed in like sardines (no seatbelts in those days), Grandpa's eyesight left much to be desired as did the twisting winding dirt roads and mountain passes we traversed.

My first car a racing green Mini 1000 cost me R500 was my ticket to freedom. For those who remember the old Minis, Q20 was your essential companion. Everytime it rained the spark plugs would get wet and I would have to leap out, spray the plugs and voila the car would go again. On one occasion while I was living in Durban, I was desperate to visit my parents for Christmas in Himeville but when I set off for the 2 hour drive on the 24th December I found that an engine mounting had broken on the one side. I refused to let it stop me. I drove with only first and third gear all the way and luckily Dad got it sorted out by a local mechanic before I returned.

I didn't get to take a gap year and travel after school but did the Shirley Valentine thing when my marriage broke up after 25 years. I backpacked my way through Europe and the UK for 4 months.

Career number 9 or so was qualifying as a tourist guide and starting a tourist guiding business in the Western Cape. Filling my bright green bus with friends, family and clients we would scout out mountain passes, villages, wine farms and beaches having a wonderful time.

My cousin Linda and I would pack up our dogs and travel hundreds of kilometres scouting around for farms we thought we might fancy. A trip from Cape Town to Lesotho for a weekend was par for the course.

Meeting Dave in 2006 was finding my soul mate. His feet are as itchy as mine. Together we have travelled well over 300 000kms around Southern Africa even spending 4 months living in a tent.

Planes, trains, cars, boats, as long as it moves I am happy.

Join me on my journeys as I share experiences I have enjoyed.



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In this series of blog posts I am sharing my journey to becoming a Western Cape, South Africa, Tourist Guide.


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