Dave and I run a company called Living ADDventure® . We provide ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) training and support to Parents, Adults, Teachers and Medical Professionals who live with and alongside ADHD. In 2009 we were travelling all over South Africa doing talks and workshops but the problem was that as soon as we left a town we would get follow up calls for help. This was before Skype became an option for us.

Our dilemma was, how did we provide support that was affordable and ongoing. It was also costing us a fortune to pay rent for our cottage in Port Elizabeth and for nearly 2 weeks a month we were also paying for Bed and Breakfast accommodation wherever we travelled.

In our typical adventurous fashion we decided that we needed to be on the road permanently spending a few weeks at a time in town doing talks and workshops and then working with teachers and families getting them on the road to getting the ADHD managed.

Do we need a motor-home, a caravan, a tent and trailer or what? For weeks we spent hours visiting camping stores, caravan sales shops, motor home builders. We even contemplated buying a full size bus that had been converted into a motor home. It was parked just a few kilometres from us and every day we would drive past it staring longingly at it. The problem with a motor home of any description is that we would also need another vehicle to get around to schools and clients.

Eventually we decided to opt for a large horsebox style trailer that would be our office, our wardrobe and kitchen storage. We would sleep in a tent and have a gazebo where we could cook and relax.

And so the fun began ....







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