beauthenticand ethical in all you do As an “influencer” I have been asked by a large corporate (via their PR Agency) to write for their company blog. They have apparently been following me for a while, particularly my technology blogs, and thought I would be a good fit.

I don’t pretend to be a professional writer or journalist but I am passionate about lots of things and have grown to love writing as an alternative to storing up everything in my very busy mind.

It was very flattering to be invited to do a paid contribution and I submitted a few topics as requested after reading the posts from other contributors. When the topics were rejected and they asked me for additional topics, I enquired about their audience and it was clear that I do not fit their target market. I have also never used any of their products and the brief was broad in some ways but limiting in others.

For a few days I have been struggling to find how I could write something that would enhance their brand yet retain my integrity and non-corporate style.

It is two years since I started writing a novel and nine months since I last looked at it.

So far I have the plot and characters pretty well mapped out using Scrivener a great writing software programme. Yet, I have only managed five thousand words.

In December last year a friend asked to see what I had written and I gave her the first three scenes. She is not one to mince her words and told me she hated my villain’s name and she would provide me with a more suitable one.

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